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New Projects!

 Helping the sick and  dying


One of Direct Aid for Africa’s priorities is to get Medical help to the sick and

provide hospice care for the dying

We are working hard to get KAVU clinic upgraded to hospital status.

Feeding the Hungry

Feeding the Hungry

Recently DAFA has confirmed it will be aiding the people of east Pokot in conjunction with Kibanda by giving them 5K euros for food supplies. They have been reduced to eating weeds and their own goats, the former of which needs to be boiled for two hours before being edible.



We have also contributed £2k for the renewal of an emergency food program for 200 children in Malawi (pictured above). We have given £5K to Camphill, Hermanus, South Africa to assist with the transportation of special needs children to and from school. Dafa have agreed in principle to help raise Kavu clinic to Hospital status. This will be one of DAFA’s largest projects costing in excess of £150k. At the moment they have one doctor working 24/7. After the upgrade the government will supply and pay 3 doctors and 3 nurses. We will keep the site updated with news of this great project. Thousands of pieces of furniture donated from schools in Suffolk area will soon be making their way to deprived schools in Zambia.  

2 Million Spent!

As of January 2014 DAFA contributions to various projects has passed the £2,000,000 mark. On top of this almost $300,000 and 800,000 euro has gone to worthwhile causes.

£5k Medical Aid for Orphanage

After some really difficult medical situations it was decided that a permanent emergency medical fund was needed. Burnings, abuse, and many other afflictions will go untreated if money is not available.

Volunteers visit DAFA Projects.

Aoife and Grainne Montague visit DAFA projects.

Barney’s Zambia Visit July 2013

This visit to the various projects was very satisfying. Barney came back a very happy man! The e-learning project in conjunction with Omagh South West College is progressing really well. The sisters, after their visit to Omagh, are well versed in the project and DAFA’s funding will be spent wisely.

Hope Orphan Pre-School

Hope Orphan Pre-School is in a township for the poorest of the poor.

DAFA provided 2000 for the basic repairs of the school building and general needs in 2012. Once again in 2013 DAFA provided £1000 for a feeding programme, books, and pencils. Thanks to these monumental changes in the town, the children can now have the beginnings of an education and at least one meal every day.

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Omagh’s South West College and DAFA e-learning suite.

A joint venture between Southwest College and DAFA is set to begin very shortly. After visits from Zambia to South West College in March 2013 the project is now progressing very well.

The new computer suite, funded by DAFA is ready to go!

Since September South West College have been teaching nine students the Edexcel Level 3 Diploma in IT.  They have just completed the first two units of the programme and are progressing very well.  Ashling McKenna, a former student of the College who was out in Zambia over Christmas, had the opportunity of meeting and filming them.  She has produced the following video on how the programme has made an impact on their lives.

DAFA & The Goodlife Orphanage

This year DAFA is supporting the medical needs of three very special children at ‘The Goodlife Orphanage’. They are Michelle and Laurence who both suffer from Cerebral Palsy and Michael who has brain damage. Having visited these children recently their progress has been quite amazing. Although they would have been cared for at the orphanage in any event, DAFA’s contribution has meant that they have made real and significant progress and have had proper medical attention.

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