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Pascal Canavan Fundraising

On 22nd March 2013 Frank Mc Nelis will make the journey from St Ciaran’s College Ballygawley to a new nursery school that is almost complete in Mulenga Zambia by motorbike. The trip will take about 8 weeks through all types of terrain and extreme weather from the snow capped Alps to the Saharan desert, and take him through 20 countries over approx 10,000 miles.

UPDATE: AS OF APRIL 25th Frank McNellis has collected over £20,000!

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Hope Orphan Pre-School

Hope Orphan Pre-School is in a township for the poorest of the poor.

DAFA provided 2000 for the basic repairs of the school building and general needs in 2012. Once again in 2013 DAFA provided £1000 for a feeding programme, books, and pencils. Thanks to these monumental changes in the town, the children can now have the beginnings of an education and at least one meal every day.

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